December 1


Welcome to The World of Shotcrete

The World of Shotcrete Company was founded in 2020 by CEO Andrea Scott.

Andrea comes from a Shotcrete Dynasty.

Her father Wolf Michelson was CEO and founder of Hydro-Arch Las Vegas: “Wolf Michelson, the founder of The Hydro-Arch Company, was an integral part in the rise of the shotcrete industry in the 1970’s. As a successful contractor, Wolf built culverts and underground structures for entrepreneurs involved in designing these innovative structures and pushed the boundaries of concrete construction. When it became apparent that a market existed for cost-effective arched culverts, Michelson took some of the best ideas available and by 1988 he was building arched culverts exclusively. He partnered with his wife Ingrid Michelson and together they presented the Western United States with a new option for flood control and underground construction…”

With years of working in the Shotcrete Training world, as well as operating as Special Inspector for local Las Vegas Shotcrete companies – it’s now the time to help the USA build a better future with Shotcrete.


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