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Partnering with World of Concrete - we provide the hands-on panel certification portion of the Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification program. Education and Testing are provided by ASA using an ACI Approved Examiner, with the certification and certificates issued by ACI upon verification of hours in the field and successful completion of all three components.

World Of Concrete January 2024

World of Concrete - January 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center


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Focused on the commercial concrete/masonry construction industries, the next World of Concrete Las Vegas will take place January 25 - 26, 2024.

With record numbers every year, the upcoming 2024 World of Concrete, also known as The Concrete Convention Las Vegas, will highlight exciting new products, cutting-edge technologies, the latest concrete equipment, spectator events and competitions.

World of Concrete 2022 attracted thousands of industry professionals and more than 650 exhibiting companies across 300,000 net square feet of exhibit space at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Attending World of Concrete?

If you are looking to attend the World of Concrete, here is a link for discounted exchibits only passes

What is a Nozzleman?

Definition: An ACI-certified Shotcrete Nozzleman is an individual who has demonstrated knowledge of the shotcrete process (via written examination) and demonstrated the ability to properly place shotcrete (via performance examination shooting a limited-size test panel).

What is this certification?

The full nozzleman certification is in the shotcrete process (dry- or wet-mix) and orientation (vertical or overhead), and requires a minimum of 500 hours of shooting overall, and at least 100 hours in the specific process and orientation being pursued.

How long does it take?

The certification program is available for both the dry and wet-mix shotcrete processes and two shooting positions: vertical and overhead. All nozzlemen must qualify in the vertical shooting orientation and may elect to qualify in the over-head shooting orientation in either the dry- or wet-mix shotcrete process, or both.

The ACI Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of completion of all certification requirements.


The American Concrete Institute (ACI) established the Shotcrete Nozzleman certification program to establish a basic skill level for shotcrete placement. This gives the specifier assurance that the entire shotcrete team (qualified contractor, ACI certified nozzleman and experienced crew) have proven their knowledge and ability to consistently place quality shotcrete.

why we do it


Panel shooting and coring is conveniently scheduled during World Of Concrete Las Vegas taking place on January 2024.

With advance notice, the Shotcrete Examiner can administer the exam in written or verbal formats, in both Spanish and English.

What is included?

Shotcrete Nozzlemen Certification

  • Introduction to Shotcrete
  • Shotcrete Materials and Properties
  • History and Uses of Shotcrete
  • Shotcrete Mixture Designs
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Shotcrete Equipment Preparation for Shotcreting
  • Shotcrete Nozzling and Application Techniques
  • Shotcrete Finishing and Curing Procedures
  • Health and Safety

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