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Shotcrete Certification- What you need to know before attending!

Things to do before you start

Shotcrete Certification

1 – Work Experience

Ensure that the ASA Nozzleman Work Experience Form has been fully completed, signed & submitted to both Alice McComas at ASA and Andrea Scott at World of Shotcrete.

You can download this from here or use our copy

2 – Sign up for ASA Shotcrete Nozzleman Education at WOC

Sign up for the ASA Shotcrete Nozzleman Education class held on Thursday, January 24th from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM at the Las Vegas Convention Center during World of Concrete.

Questions about ASA course or the certification process should be directed to Alice McComas at (248) 848-3780 or

If more study time is needed, some companies opt to order their workbooks early to allow their Nozzlemen additional time to take the practice exams and familiarize themselves with the contents of the CP-60 (15) workbook. This is a great way to remove some of the test anxiety during the actual exam.

3 – get your CP-60 (15) workbook

ALL Nozzlemen candidates are required to have this book, study it, and bring it, as well as VALID ID to the session. If you do not have a copy — reach out to Alice McComas at ASA.

The written examination questions are entirely derived from material within the CP-60 workbook, and it is vital that candidates have adequate time to read and understand the information within the workbook.

4 – Get ready to attend World of Shotcrete Education

Shotcrete Panel Shooting, will take place at 254 E Galleria Dr, Henderson, NV 89011, USA

Look for a chainlink fence with a large WORLD OF SHOTCRETE banner.

The yard where panels will be shot — 254 E Galleria Dr, Henderson, NV 89011, USA MAPLINK

Also well as the written exam site — Comfort Inn Suites Henderson (475 Marks St, Henderson, NV 89014) MAPLINK

5 – Come to the World of Shotcrete classes and PASS

Yes, it’s that simple

We will be there every step of the way.

Let’s do this…


ShotCrete Training

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