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Shotcrete Nozzlemen Certification in Las Vegas

World of Shotcrete offers two training streams:

Introduction to Shotcrete

Advantages and benefits using the shotcrete process in a wide variety of applications
Dry-mix and wet-mix processes
Specifications, material considerations, placement techniques, and performance guidelines
Structural considerations for shotcrete placement
Pre-construction, jobsite conditions, curing methods

Shotcrete for Underground Applications

Follows ACI 506.5R, “Guide for Specifying Underground Shotcrete”
Highlights typical underground applications
Covers materials, anchorage, reinforcement, and performance requirements
Addresses batching/mixing, transport, placing equipment, preparation, curing, and protection
Discusses QA/QC, submittals, preconstruction tests, and construction acceptance
Includes repair and rehabilitation, safety, measurement, and payment

How do I arrange for an ASA informational presentation?

Contact us at andrea@worldofshotcrete.com to arrange for an onsite informational presentation tailored for your group’s needs.